Monday, November 9, 2009

Info Barrel First Week Update

Mo Money Mo Money!

In the first two days of my article How to be Lucky in Life going live on Info barrel, it earned 101 views! That is huge for just two days.

To give you an indication of how huge this is; this was my number two highest earner on eHow. It recieved 721 views over 6 months. That averages out to 120 views per month.

If the same article has received 107 views in just two days, I am very optimistic about the next three weeks. This means that Info Barrel articles may have more views than eHow or Hubpages and since Info Barrel pays 75-90% of Google AdSense income to your articles, more views is exactly what I want. I will keep you posted.

This article hasn't earned anything yet (Google needs a couple of weeks to index) so I will keep you posted.

Your Freelance Writer Chick.

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