Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh Laawwd! I think I'm in Love! GREEN HOSTING!

Oh Laaawwwd! I think I’m in love. I just signed up for a Hostgator Green Hosting account after much research and this is my 7th hosting agreement in 6 years.

They are the first ones to give me a welcome get started email that I actually understand! Then they have a FAQ page that answers 100% of my most burning web questions in clear concise English. Questions like: “What is the difference between parked, add-on, and sub domains?” and “Steps to making a form on your website where people can email you information (form mail)”.

That’s not all, Hostgator offers REAL phone support. I chose them over Dream Host because they had almost 100% positive feedback in all logs and Google groups and the clincher was that Dream Host offered phone support as an extra service for $9.99 per month! I though this to be nervy move. How dare they sell me service and then want to charge me for talking to a human being if I have any problems with it! What kind of world is it when customer service is an “extra”?

Hostgator offers unlimited tech support included in their low priced webhosting.

This may sound silly to some of you but the truth is I am no Internet virtuoso. Things can and will go wrong and Real people customer support is my biggest peeve with all other hosting accounts I’ve tried. Yahoo, Hurricane Electric (they were excellent with people support but charged me extra fees every month without my consent for spikes in traffic), Go Daddy (is just too big) and has gotten very complicated over the years. Plus they charge you for every freaking thing. Blue Host has snippy customer service weird rules and they don’t keep their word about usage guidelines and Zoovy just plain sucked.

I am so glad I went with Hostgator. I even found coupons all over the web for their service too. By using the word “GREEN” I got 20% of the 1st year of my “baby” (Beginners) account!

It’s the new moon and already I feel off to a great start!

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